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Brad's Auto Service in Carbondale, Illinois is a recognized Auto Repair Shop for local motorist needing car repairs brake repair, and transmission service. As a local muffler shop, our versatile
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Auto repair shop in carbondale, illinois

Our automotive and manual transmission repairs can restore performance and grinding gears which impact performance or gas mileage. We also offer front and rear brake repairs that keep motorists safe in stop and go driving.

From overheating radiators needing repair, to a new muffler for a improved drivability, we are Carbondale’s local auto repair shop of choice.

Please contact us at (618) 318-8351 for an estimate or appointment.


Grinding or slipping gears is a huge red flag when it comes to transmissions. It is a tale tale sign that it is time to take your car to the shop. Not only will repairing your transmission positively impact performance and gas mileage, it will also provide safer travel.


If your vehicle is making loud roaring noises, or you smell bad fumes, it's time to replace your muffler. Not only will this quiet the noises from your car, it will also improve engine performance and longevity.


One of the obvious signs of a failing radiator is your car overheating. Coolant leaks and smoking from under your hood are also warning signs that it is time to get your radiator repaired or replaced. Not only will this prevent greater damage such as a cracked head gasket, but will also allow for a smoother ride.

About Us Brad's Auto Service

Brad's Auto Service is a premier auto repair shop that has been in business for over 17 years and currently serves residents in and around the Carbondale, IL area. As a versatile car repair shop, we help motorists get back on the road faster and safer. We can work on all needed repairs on any foreign or domestic make and model. For service on transmissions, radiators, mufflers, brakes, and more give us a call at (618) 318-8351 today!

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As a full service automotive repair shop, Brad's Auto Service is all about reducing any and all driving hazards and reduced driving discomfort levels by providing valued pricing and up front estimates on all auto repair services for any and all makes and models in and around the Carbondale, IL area. So whether you are in need of engine repairs, a transmission rebuilt, or brake service, then we guarantee to get the job done at a price you can afford!