Local automotive repair services

Brad's Auto Service in Carbondale, Illinois is a recognized Auto Repair Shop for local motorist needing car repairs brake repair, and transmission service. As a local muffler shop, our versatile
Brad's Auto Service

engine repair and replacement in carbondale, il

24-Hour Emergency Service

Breaking down in the middle of nowhere and before working hours is never any fun. Which is why we provide 24-hour emergency services. With our tow trucks ready to bring your car to our shop, our experienced mechanics are prepared to get you to your destination.

Engine Repair & Rebuids

If your check engine light is on and it is your engine, then waiting to repair or replace it is a sure way to cancel your cars driving capability and disallow you to pass emissions. We offer not only engine repairs but also new and used engine replacement.


Grinding brakes is a huge safety hazard. Continuing to wear down your brake pads can lead to major damage to not only your tires, but also to the wheel bearing that your tires are set on.

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic services are a great way to detect any faulty vehicle components instantaneously. Such findings include issues with the engine, oil tank, transmission, throttle and more. Warning lights are usually the reason you should get diagnostic testing done sooner rather than later.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

From fuel delivery, battery services and even lockouts, we do it all. There is no reason why you should be stuck on the side of the road because you ran out of gas. So let us help you get going!

Transmission Repair & Rebuilds

If your car is not switching gears, has a burning smell, or leaky fluid, than your transmission is the cause for concern. Which is why we offer affordable prices and excellent service on any vehicles transmission repair or replacement.